TheGolfCourt, a Golf Practice Center Fits in a Tennis Court

Salt Lake City, UT….TheGolfCourt, a golf practice center designed to fit in a tennis court space, is expected to bring golf learning, practice and play to more persons, at a lower cost, according to a joint announcement by Adventure Golf Services and aboutGolf Limited. The concept is announced today at the National Recreation Parks Association annual trade show.

“TheGolfCourt will help state, city and regional parks and recreation departments provide residents a new alternative activity to learn, practice and play golf in a 7,200-square-foot area, comments Scott Lundmark, director of sales for Adventure Golf Services, located in Traverse City, Michigan. 

The center permits the introduction and accessibility of golf to persons of all ages, abilities and disabilities regardless of income or the availability of convenient public golf courses. Municipalities and organizations with unused or under-utilized tennis courts, buildings or vacant space will be able to add a complete golf center.

“Adventure Golf Services, offers a standard model of TheGolfCourt for $81,000 plus installation, says Lundmark. “This model includes: five driving stations; six contoured chipping stations; six future sand bunker positions; a 1,300-square-foot contoured putting area; retractable safety net separators; an overhead ball containment net; and installation. Optional PGA TOUR Simulator and 3Trak launch monitors are provided by aboutGolf Limited, a Maumee, Ohio company.”

“The PGA TOUR Simulator applies proprietary Immersive Play Technology designed to fully engage players in their rounds,” says Chuck Faust, President and COO of aboutGolf. “It is the only simulator to precisely replicate accurate ball flight, accurate bounce and roll, accurate reaction to wind, accurate course replication, accurate ambient movement and more; creating the most realistic experience.”

Enhanced experience isn’t the only benefit of a technology-equipped GolfCourt. The PGA TOUR Simulator and 3Trak launch monitors are robust teaching tools, able to provide accurate, definite data with which to guide student improvement or elevate self-analysis and training. 

Other optional equipment includes: putting turf upgrade with second cut artificial rough on perimeter, golf course surround graphics, bleachers, signs and clubhouse. 

“TheGolfCourt can be placed indoors or outdoors, on concrete or ground” comments designer Arne Lundmark, president Adventure Golf Services. “When a participant enters, it is like visiting a golf course. At ground level, this is accomplished with the use of various turfs for the walkways, roughs and putting surface along with extensive topography. An optional 6′ high photographic image of golf course scenes is hung around the entire perimeter to immerse the participants in the environment and to create the look and feel of a real golf course.”

The chipping areas and putting green have multiple hole-cup locations placed within the undulating topography to replicate play experienced on real courses. Each area, including the driving stations, can also be used for chipping and putting in order to increase the capacity and flexibility of the center. 

“We use the same technology for building putting greens and miniature golf courses on cruise ships and other modular applications to create The GolfCourt,” says Scott Lundmark. “Chipping and putting surfaces are built using a compression molded, interlocking panel made from recycled materials. This creates a low maintenance system that can be installed in a few days, offers superior drainage and can be moved to another location.”

aboutGolf and Adventure Golf Services envisions that “TheGolfCourt” will be used as an amenity or a profit center by hotels, resorts, condo / timeshares, senior living facilities, school systems, the military, golf pros, golf courses and driving ranges. The compact size will be a benefit in countries or cities where space is restricted or limited and where real golf courses or training facilities are logistically difficult to access.

Adventure Golf Services is a leader in the industry with more than 20 years of experience designing, fabricating, installing and building a full line of indoor and outdoor miniature golf courses, putting greens, portable / modular courses and other innovative modular products including: TheLawnCourt, “The GolfCourt” and other modular sports field applications. For more information contact or call 888-725-4FUN. 

aboutGolf is a 20-year-old Maumee, Ohio-based company that has been dedicated to golf for its entire history. aboutGolf is the world leader in indoor golf simulator technology, producing PGA TOUR Simulators, 3Trak launch monitors and Henry-Griffitts Custom Fitting. Historically, aboutGolf also produced Microsoft Golf, Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf and World Tours, which is the world’s most-widely-distributed golf simulation. aboutGolf is a registered trademark of aboutGolf Limited, Maumee, Ohio.