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    Miniature Golf for Hotels and Resorts

    Competition in the hotel and resort industry has never been more intense as bleisure travel and extended stays grow in popularity. Miniature golf courses from Adventure Golf & Sports can give you an edge, maximize your space and help increase TRevPAR.

    Mini golf’s virtually universal appeal attracts attention – and guests – to your hotel or resort. Whether you offer it as an amenity or a profit center, mini golf appeals to guests of all ages, from toddlers through seniors.

    At Adventure Golf & Sports, we offer different sizes of miniature golf courses to fit your budget and your space. Whether permanent or portable, indoors or outdoors on land, rooftops or piers, our courses offer big fun and low overhead. We can even brand the course for your hotel or resort.

    AGS has been an industry leader for more than 35 years, and we can build virtually anything you can imagine – from classic amusements like dinosaurs, pirates, outer space and such to landscape courses – including eco-friendly courses that can challenge even seasoned golfers while preserving natural flora and fauna. Check out our products and services, then give us a call to discuss what we can do for you!

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    A collaborative process between our customer and AGS to create the look / feel / theme that meets your goals and objectives for space and budget

    • To create a course that is fun for all ages and interactive for the playability
    • To create something unique to your operation to separate you from all competitors and to attract business into your venue
    • To maximize repeat play
    • To create a course in the target budget but one that the market will support
    • To address ADA wheelchair access on at least 50% of your course
    • Important to achieve our design philosophy of Choice, Chance and Challenge


    Providing several alternative routes to a golf hole. Over and under, around or through, in the water or down a fairway.

    The chance of obtaining a hole-in-one on any golf hole and the chance that something unusual might happen to direct the ball to a hazard or area where the player can use another putt.

    The concept that the challenge must be enjoyable for adults and children. If there is too much challenge, the course will fail.


    • Proprietary lightweight panel & anchoring system.
    • Base material is a patented interlocking, compression molded panel.
      • Durable
      • Weather resistant
    • Excellent drainage – no glue/adhesives on turf.
      • Provides a quick-dry, no mess surface
    • Contour/undulations created with special EPS (expanded polystyrene) between deck and panels.
    • Enhanced contours created with layered shaped rubber pads between panels.
    • Accessibility for rooftop inspections or service.
    • Can be easily dismantled and reinstalled.

    AGS has developed a modular course system of patented interlocking panels that can be customized for any indoor, outdoor, or rooftop location!



    • If required, AGS pre-builds product in the Traverse City, Michigan warehouse.
      • Allows client visits for inspection before
    • Panels containerized and shipped anywhere in the world.
    • AGS crew unloads & installs.
    • Experienced AGS crew will pre-weld brackets in advance or upon installation.
      • Anchor system is mounted over panels securing
        entire product safely to surface or roof.
    • Able to dismantle course for roof resurfacing, then re-install.

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      OR(231) 922.8166

      AGS Products and Services for Hotels and Resorts

      • Design, build, and renovate miniature golf courses
      • Modular Advantage®, an eco-friendly mini golf system that uses patented interlocking panels to provide the look and feel of a concrete miniature golf course at less cost
      • Bunkers & Bumps™, a customizable Fairways-and-Greens putting course using eco-friendly rolling terrain, “bumps,” faux sand bunkers and more to create a natural-looking golf putting experience
      • Portable modular miniature golf courses that you can easily assemble, move, and store
      • Rollout™ Mini Golf, a set of portable mini golf holes – each weighing less than 50 pounds – that one person can quickly roll out whenever and wherever you wish.
      • RailShot™, a portable, changeable nine-hole miniature golf course, giving you endless options to create different custom courses within minutes 
      • AmericanPie™ Mini Golf series features lots of tricks, geometric edges, portable obstacles and “Carpet Cups” in a flexible, colorful retro-style design! Install as a temporary or permanent attraction!
      • GamePark Promenade™ transforms basketball court-size open spaces into relaxing entertainment options for the whole family. Featuring a landscaped park-like setting, it has pathways to access lawn games, putting greens, benches and more!
      • SplashGolf®, miniature golf played on a special interactive splash pad
      • Putting greens for guests to practice their putting or for you to use for trade shows / marketing campaigns
      • Game Court Systems, including shuffleboard courts, croquet, bocce ball, lawn bowling, pickle ball, ring toss, bean bag toss, paddle tennis, and The LawnCourt(R), which combines four classic lawn games in one easy to assemble system
      • AGS Soft Putters™, an innovative putter designed to reduce damage on mini golf courses
      • Mini golf course props and obstacles, both standard and custom designs


      An innovative new product that looks and feels like a concrete course with easier install and less cost!
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      Your guests can practice all aspects of their golf game with TheGolfCourt® from Adventure Golf & Sports.
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      Perfect for special events! Portable golf holes weighing under 50 pounds can be quickly set-up by one person!
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      • In the wake of Hurricane Sally, Caribe Resort tasked AGS with finding a solution to replacing our rooftop miniature golf course. The work had to accommodate existing undulation, drainage, and ingress/egress paths. Also, the course, due to its Gulf front location, had to hold up to high winds, intense heat, and heavy rainfall. AGS’s experience in similar applications proved invaluable and they delivered a signature amenity at our property. Our owners and guests have been ecstatic about this fully renovated and enhanced amenity and we could not be happier!

        General Manager of Resort
      • “What I really liked about it (the AGS Modular Advantage system) is we still allowed a pervious system on the floor of our island. So we didn’t bring in a lot of concrete and pour concrete in it. So water that comes into that area can still flow off or go through the product onto our island. Nature wasn’t interrupted by what we did on the golf course.”

        President of Hotel
      • “They (AGS) were very clear about what they could and couldn’t do, they got over the hurdles we gave them and so I highly recommend them. So would any of our owners because the end result exceeded our expectation.”

        General Manager of Resort with Condos
      • “From the beginning and planning stages, they (AGS) immediately responded to our needs…They talked through with us what our wants and aspirations were for this golf course, what our vision was. They didn’t come back and say, ‘You know what. We can’t do that.’ They were solution-based in everything we threw out there and they also did our recreation court. So whether it be the golf course or the recreation court, they found solutions for what we needed and never took us down a path of something we didn’t want.”

        President of Hotel
      • “Their team was super professional. AGS gave us a truly three-dimensional links course that has accents with topography. It’s aesthetically exceptional looking…”

        General Manager of Resort
      • “(Mini Golf) is popular with guests and we foresee using it going forward…we’re happy with the speed of service we’re receiving from Adventure Golf.”

        Great Wolf Resorts
      • “We are continually looking for experiential offerings for families and the (AGS) mini golf course provided the perfect option for an outdoor family friendly activity.”

        Orlando World Center Marriott
      • We are extremely happy with this project and in no way would it have turned out so well without the help of your team…Please extend my sincere Thank You and appreciation to your team. They went above and beyond and helped create a wonderful addition to my resort.

        Wyndham Cypress Palms
      • “Arne was retained by our company to design and build two (36 hole) adventure golf courses in southwest Florida in the late 1980’s. Both projects were completed on time and within budget. . . .His industry knowledge and experience was helpful in creating attractions that have stood the test of time. Both courses continue to operate profitably. I would recommend Arne for future project design and construction.”

      • “I called for assistance with site planning. We changed sites three times. The folks at Adventure Golf Services were very flexible and timely to meet my changing needs. I would recommend your services to anyone interested in design and construction of an exciting miniature golf course. It honestly was great to work with you, you were extremely responsive to our needs and concerns, and made sure things went as smoothly as possible.”