Modular Advantage® Mini Golf System Offers Savings, Versatility

Using patented interlocking panels, the Modular Advantage® mini golf system provides the look and feel of a concrete miniature golf course with faster installation and less maintenance, saving you money.

The system also offers “green” benefits, since the flexible panels are made of recycled materials and are permeable for water drainage.  In addition, a Modular Advantage course can be installed where ground remediation may be too expensive.

The versatile system also can be moved. For example, a retail center might install the course in an unleased space, then move it to another unleased space when the original space is leased.

Its numerous advantages make the Modular Advantage system perfect for a wide range of venues, including:

  • Amusement parks and attractions
  • Cruise ships and riverboats
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Retail centers
  • Parks and campgrounds

The standard Modular Advantage mini golf system provides 4,000 square feet of playing space. Larger, custom sizes are also available. All courses are ADA compliant.

We’re so confident the Modular Advantage system will hang tough season after season that we offer a five-year warranty. That compares to a one-year warranty typically offered for concrete courses.

Contact us today to discover how Modular Advantage mini golf can make your facility more attractive and profitable!

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