Bunkers & Bumps™ Putting Course Designed to Boost Guest Per Capita Spending

Female watching her putt on the fairway portion of an AGS Bunkers & Bumps hole
Player watches her putt along a Bunkers & Bumps™ hole from AGS – a product that imitates natural-looking miniaturized golf courses with varying terrain and faux sand bunkers. AGS says this product fills a growing need as FECs, restaurant / bar operations with an entertainment component and other venues incorporate the family and date night fun of mini golf play into their overall guest experience.

Bunkers & Bumps™ (B&B) is an eco-friendly, customizable putting course incorporating miniaturized rolling terrain synthetic turf fairways / greens with “bumps,” contours, undulations, rough turf surroundings and faux sand bunkers to create a more natural-looking putting course. Unlike traditional mini golf that often uses bricks, walls , obstacles and theme elements for boundaries, Bunkers & Bumps relies on various terrain designs and rough turf to shape holes.

Recently popularized by a professional golfer, many venues are discovering the appeal of realistic-looking golf putting courses that are attracting and extending guest visits. In turn, this is creating the opportunity for increased guest per-capita spending, boosting other revenue centers such as food and beverage, enhancing the guest experience and improving bottom-line performance.

Bunkers & Bumps was developed by Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS) in response to entertainment venues such as FECs, hotels / resorts, restaurant / bar operations with an entertainment component, cruise ships, parks and other operations, wishing to incorporate the family and date night fun of this type of golf putting course into their overall guest experience.

Bunkers & Bumps Features:

The AGS proprietary bump system permits the AGS installation team to cover bumps with a special material allowing water to flow through, and permits easy attachment of the rough turf. 

Contact us today for pricing and explore how Bunkers & Bumps can be customized for your venue to increase fun for your guests while increasing per capita guest spending!