Our Custom Modular System Meets Custom Needs!

The AGS Custom Modular System enables the installation of miniature golf courses and game courts virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors, with permanent or even temporary / moveable functionality.

It is an ideal system that can be used at sport stadiums, with traveling marketing campaigns or pop-up applications, optimizing and monetizing rooftop spaces, providing entertainment on cruise ship decks and other places where heavy, concrete construction is not practical.

The primary component of our custom modular system is our eco-friendly, permeable, patented interlocking panels that are lightweight and durable, with excellent drainage for quick-dry / no-mess performance.

AGS interlocking top panel has tiny holes with larger holes in the honeycombed textured bottom
Top and bottom views of the AGS interlocking, permeable, flexible, patented panels used with the AGS Custom Modular System.

Other features include:

  • Optional enhancing of your course with contours and undulations using carved, drainable polystyrene foam, layered shaped rubber mounds between panels and turf, as well as faux sand traps, faux rocks, special theme elements and more.
  • Drainage features allow water to flow through our product layers to building or ship scuppers, drains, gutters or siphonic drainage systems.
  • Ability to withstand heavy 24/7 foot traffic in all kinds of weather – from the harsh Caribbean sun and salt water to monsoon rains and wide temperature fluctuations.
  • Easy and accessible servicing and inspections. For example, a portion or an entire course may be dismantled for maintenance or resurfacing of a roof, deck or other under layer and then re-installed.
  • A proprietary anchoring system that is safe, secure and even seaworthy!
  • ADA compliance; typically 50% or 100% of a course will be wheelchair Accessible

With more than 35 years’ experience, we can custom design to any space, theme or budget.

Let’s Get Started!

Tell us what you’re looking for or ask to see what’s possible with your available space.

People playing miniature golf on Ponce City Market rooftop. Skyline of Atlanta in the background.
Rooftop mini golf at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, Georgia helps attract and retain shoppers.
Giant octopus tentacles and a starfish are mini golf course obstacles on Wonder of the Seas
Many undersea theme elements were used on the Royal Caribbean Wonder of the SeasSM mini golf course designed by AGS and installed using the AGS Custom Modular System.
Players navigating undulations and faux sand bunkers on Glenlivet mini golf course designed by AGS
Miniature golf course created by AGS simulated the ups and downs of Scotland’s terrain for a traveling Glenlivet marketing program.

AGS mini golf course, giant chessboard set and shuffleboard court on the roof of a Hawaiian hotel
Miniature golf course and game courts atop the roof of the Holiday Inn Express at Waikiki were designed by AGS and installed using the AGS Custom Modular System.
Two students share a laugh before putting around footballs on the U of I rooftop mini golf course
The AGS Custom Modular System was used to install a miniature golf course on the roof of the Smith Football Center at the University of Illinois.
Family looks on as dad helps one of his sons putt a mini golf ball up a ramp at a Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge has had AGS design and use the AGS Custom Modular System to install “Howl in One” miniature golf courses underneath ropes courses at many of their resorts.


  • “Our Director of Athletics had the idea for including a miniature golf course on the rooftop. We were trying to maximize our space. On most buildings this would be just wasted space. We felt there was potential to use that space to expand the footprint of the building without expanding the building.”

    Assistant Athletic Director, University
  • “AGS really developed something we couldn’t make any better. I don’t know what we would do to make it better except maybe improve our scores when we play it!”

    Resort General Manager