We’ll Design a Fun, Creative Miniature Golf Course for You

With more than 35 years of experience designing miniature golf courses, Adventure Golf & Sports has the expertise you need for your project. We’ll design your custom course to fit your needs, market, and budget.

We design our courses to:

  • Provide fun for guests of all ages
  • Offer visual appeal that stimulates instant decisions to play
  • Maximize repeat play and return on investment

We offer two styles of miniature golf courses: Adventure Courses and Landscape Courses.

Adventure Courses

Adventure-style miniature golf courses are all about “The Show” and the theme that drives the look of your course, whether it’s life-size cartoon caricatures, such as fun critters and animals with fun attitudes. There’s no limit to the creative possibilities for adventure-style courses.

These courses are most common in large, competitive tourist markets. However, smaller, more residential markets also enjoy them, although usually on a smaller scale.

Some of the options available with adventure-style courses include:

  • Topography such as mountains, hills, and caves
  • Water features and elements, ranging from babbling brooks to crashing waterfalls
  • Natural rocks or artificial rockwork
  • Edge systems ranging from brick to more elaborate and themed
  • Use of colored turf, rough turf or sand traps with golf holes
  • Specialty lighting
  • Themed scenes
  • Special effects like sound and animation

Landscape Courses

  • Landscape style miniature golf courses can be equally as exciting as adventure style courses.  Landscape course look more natural but can still have beautiful and interactive water features such as ponds and babbling brooks or even crashing waterfalls and bubbly rapids streaming throughout.  Mountains, caves, rocks and boulders or fallen trees and stumps are all possibilities
  • Landscape course can still certainly be interactive whether a ball gets knocked into a stream and carries it down to the green, rocks / boulders become challenging obstacles and putt-arounds, or a hole-in-one putt may need to carry through a cave or rock pile before it drops into the holecup.
  • Landscape course work great with more limited budgets and smaller markets but can still be design for large markets / venues with a wow factor.

Several Design/Build Options Available

To provide you with maximum flexibility, at Adventure Golf & Sports, we offer three different options for designing and building your miniature golf course:

  • Design only: If you have construction skills, this option can save you money. You get a custom mini golf course design, all construction documents and consulting by AGS.
  • Design with Construction Supervisor: We offer our design services and then an experienced construction supervisor to help oversee your crew in building your new mini golf dream.  Building mini golf holes and walkways is not the same as sidewalks, patios, roads, etc.  Mini golf is part science and part art and therefore many of our clients prefer the oversight of an experienced supervisor.  This can be for any desired time period.
  • Turnkey Design / Build Services by AGS – We will handle everything from A to Z turnkey for both design and construction of your project.  There still remains some flexibility to help save money by doing certain items by owner locally such as landscaping and lighting, for example.  We will mobilize our experienced, friendly crew to your site.  A crew binder is required to lock-in a team for your project.

If you’re thinking about building a miniature golf course, give us a call. Adventure Golf & Sports has been a proud industry leader for over 35 years.

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