We’ve Built Miniature Golf Courses for 35+ Years

Adventure-Themed Concrete Courses

We can build any adventure theme you can imagine: life-size cartoon characters, pirate ships, wild animals, dinosaurs, outer space, or something else. There’s simply no limit to the possibilities. There’s also no limit to the features we can build into your course: mountains, caves, quiet brooks, crashing waterfalls, sand traps, themed scenes, specialty lighting, special effects like sound and animation, and much more. Warranty: One year for installation and craftsmanship.

Landscape-Style Concrete Courses:

Our landscape-style miniature golf courses skip most of the over-the-top elements of adventure courses, although they can include features like waterfalls and flowing water. They’re designed to offer great interactive fun at less cost. Warranty: One year for installation and craftsmanship.

No other company offers such a wide spectrum of miniature golf construction methods or products.

Our experienced, in-house crews are experts at building and installing miniature golf courses. Call Adventure Golf & Sports today to discuss what we can do for you!

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You can also take advantage of a U-Build-It Mini Golf Kit, a pre-design concrete course by Adventure Golf & Sports!


  • “A lot of people say it’s the best (mini golf) course they’ve ever played. It’s really amazing. It’s held up extremely well. It still looks brand new. There’s like no wear and tear. All we have to do is take a leaf blower every morning and blow off all the fallen leaves on it and that’s all the maintenance we have to do besides treating the water.”

    Owner, Outdoor Adventure Park
  • “It was a great experience working with AGS and I would recommend them to others.”

    Owner, Outdoor Adventure Park