SplashGolf – Cruise Ships Water Mini Golf Course on a Splash Pad

Traverse City, MI….SplashGolf – Cruise Ships, the first interactive, water oriented miniature golf course for the cruise industry is announced by Adventure Golf Services,  “We previously introduced a larger version of SplashGolf for water parks and other venues at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) annual trade show in November 2014,” states Scott Lundmark president. 

“The response has been very positive from owner / operators as well as water park builders and design firms so we moved our timetable forward to announce the SplashGolf – Cruise Ship model prior to the Cruise Shipping Miami trade show in March.  SplashGolf – Cruise Ships has nine mini golf holes, fabricated on a patented panel system, with special water effects on each golf hole, all of which are mounted on an approximately 3,000 square foot splash pad. 

“SplashGolf brings not only the player but also the game itself into an interactive water environment for a completely new and fun experience.  It is a water activity game that can be played by all family members the same as  traditional miniature golf course….the difference is the water, the sprays, the fountains, the water jets are all very much interactive with the players and the golf ball.”

Adventure Golf also announces an introductory “Lunch and Learn” design seminar which will travel to the offices of cruise ship companies who express interest in this product, according to Scott Lundmark.

“SplashGolf is fun, wet and entertaining,”  comments Arne Lundmark CEO and chief designer.  “This is a game that the player never knows what is going to happen to the golf ball and where it will go.  On several golf holes, players may blast the mini golf balls around with water cannons as the other player tries for a hole-in-one or actually spray the other player while they attempt their putt…what fun!  Playing the water vortex hole leads to surprise as the water spins the ball where it may come out on one of two different areas of the green.

“I personally like the reverse ball-run hole where players shoot uphill toward a water source where the ball goes into one of two water sluices and passes back behind the player on the tee to a green.  On the slalom course hole players must putt the ball through a series of random spurting fountains.  There are additional fun golf holes, such as the Pachinko hole, jumping the ball through a water screen, navigating the gusher, and splash down with two side horizonal water blasts.  A very surprising golf hole is where the water grabs the ball and pushes it up and over a ramp to the green.”

The patented panels, and the splash pad base are unique in the industry, according to Mike Arnold vice president project management. “This is a flow-through model using treated and heated sea water that meets health code standards for this environment. A recirculating model will also be available.  We already use this same panel system on cruise ships where we install miniature golf, putting greens, Bocce, Shuffleboard and Croquet courts, and the GolfCourt Hitting Bay so this is not new tecnology and our crews install these products all over the world.  The 3,000 square foot size will easily fit on decks reserved for sports and play activities”

Adventure Golf Services is a 30+ year global leader in the design, fabrication and installation of miniature golf courses, game courts and other golf oriented products such as the GolfCourt and GolfCourt Hitting Bays and now includes SplashGolf for cruise ships.

For more information visit: www.agsgolfandsports.com or call 888-725-4FUN or 231-922-8166.