RailShot™ Increases Mini Golf Appeal with Changeable Golf-Hole Shapes

RailShot™ Mini Golf allows fast changes to the shape of holes and can be set up on any surface.
The RailShot™ MiniGolf system from Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS) is designed so the shape of holes and course layout can be changed in minutes. It can be set up on any surface using four different-sized edge sections and Elevated Hole Cups. Optional obstacles are also available.

(Traverse City, Michigan) —RailShot™ Mini Golf, a portable, changeable nine-hole miniature golf course, is being introduced by Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS). “This is an exciting lower-cost entry in our line of mini golf products,” states Scott Lundmark, AGS president. “RailShot Mini Golf is designed so the owner can change any or all golf shapes to create a new course within minutes.”

For rental and special events providers, as well as hotels, resorts, retail centers, FECs and other entertainment venues, AGS says RailShot can be set up and removed quickly, and the space needed to transport the course is minimal. The company says the mini golf course can also be set up like a maze, where multiple players can be on the course at one time, creating a whole new mini golf game.

According to AGS, their R & D team discovered they could modify a similar edge system used on their AmericanPie™ course to create this new product. The new RailShot standard edge sections, with reduced height, a unique pin system and use of a new 3-D printed portable “Elevated Hole Cup” (replacing the need for a sunken hole cup), resulted in a unique mini golf system that allows golf-hole shapes to be changed anytime within minutes. RailShot does not require any specific turf, so the course can be set up on any surface.

“This product is very easy to install and the options are endless for an owner to create a custom course,” comments Russ Ferrill, AGS Senior Construction Manager. “There are four different sized edge sections, which can be pinned together in any sequence to create any shape.  Anyone can create really funky and fun holes that go outside the lines of traditional mini golf courses and the price is reasonable. Users can also purchase optional AGS custom faux wood obstacles which include circles, triangles, bars and radius sections.”

“RailShot is different from our other portable products and is a throwback to earlier courses where banking golf shots from one edge to another is an integral part of the fun, thus the name RailShot,” says Lundmark.

The RailShot package includes 144 edge sections per 9 holes or 16 sections per hole for clients purchasing fewer than nine holes. The standard 9-hole package also includes straps for carrying and storing the sections, a storage bag for Elevated Hole Cups and pins, and 30 AGS Soft Putters in four sizes, four dozen mini golf balls, and one pack of scorecards and pencils. RailShot Mini Golf joins seven other AGS portable / modular mini golf products popular among rental and special events providers, resorts, hotels, restaurants / bars, retail shopping centers and other entertainment venues.

Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS) is a global leader in the design, construction, fabrication and installation of fun, interactive, cost-effective entertainment attractions. Besides offering the widest line of miniature golf products and design services in the world for permanent and portable / modular courses, AGS also provides numerous complementary products:

  • Lightweight custom modular applications for rooftops
  • Multi-use game court systems for bocce ball, croquet, lawn bowling, shuffleboard, bean bag toss, Bimini ring toss and other activities
  • Golf learning / practice centers, ranging from single golf hitting bays to courts for multiple players
  • Putting greens for indoors and outdoors, either permanent or portable
  • Pickleball and paddle tennis courts

For pricing and more information about RailShot, custom designed miniature golf courses or pre-made portable systems that can be used in a variety of situations, email info@adventureandfun.com, call (231) 922-8166 or visit www.AGSGolfandSports.com.