Pairing Food & Drink with Mini Golf!

New Bunkers & Bumps™ Putting Course Boosts Guest Per Capita Spending

(Traverse City, Michigan) —Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS) is introducing Bunkers & Bumps™ (B&B), a new style of fairways-and-greens putting course offering restaurant / bar / brewery operations, and other venues with an entertainment component, the opportunity to incorporate the family and date night fun of mini golf play into the overall guest experience. “Our clients have come to us to expand on this ‘retailtainment’ trend of natural putting courses, as compared to traditional miniature golf, and integrate it into their operations. Those that implement this new style of fun putting courses will be creating the opportunity for increased guest per-capita spending, boosting other revenue centers such as food and beverage, while enhancing the guest experience and bottom-line performance,” comments AGS president Scott Lundmark. 

“This new style of putting course is like a miniaturized real golf course but only putting the ball with enhanced topography, artificial putting and rough turf, along with faux sand bunkers protecting or challenging certain shots…a real game changer.

“Our company is familiar with this approach as it is similar to courses we designed in the past with the difference being the older courses were much more flat and did not have the faux bunkering. In fact, for the past 13 years, we have designed, fabricated and installed similar courses on ship decks for Royal Caribbean and Regents Seven Seas. Our courses have been located on rooftops for Ponce Market and Holiday Inn and indoor venues such as Great Wolf Lodge.”

The customizable Bunkers & Bumps courses build upon the popular AGS Modular Advantage® Mini Golf system using interlocking patented, flexible, permeable panels to create land-based courses that look and feel like concrete but replace the need for concrete or optional construction methods such as sand-filled turf mounted on crushed stone and fines. The AGS system is very popular because of its low cost, quick installation and minimal maintenance.

“An eighteen-hole Bunkers & Bumps course is condensed to fit 12,000 square feet and a nine-hole course will fit in 6,000 square feet, which is easily converted into 18 holes by adding two golf hole cups per hole,” says Lundmark.

According to AGS, their system allows the fabrication and installation of a unique course using green technology, which is a welcome benefit to many purchasers. The higher grade of artificial putting turf also includes water drainage features. The panel system is made from recycled materials, permeable to offer instant drainage, and does not contribute to runoff or erosion.

The AGS proprietary bump system permits the AGS installation team to cover bumps with a special material allowing water to flow through, and permits easy attachment of the rough turf.  

The recently expanded AGS design team has created B & B designs for two new cruise ships, a rooftop and an outdoor venue for installation in coming months.

AGS is a global leader in the design, construction, fabrication and installation of fun, interactive, cost-effective miniature golf and sports products and services. Modular products, feature a patented interlocking panel system and include mini golf, putting greens and courses, pickleball, shuffleboard, bocce ball, croquet and golf hitting bays. These products are frequently installed for indoor and outdoor applications including rooftops and cruise ship decks. Other products include Bimini ring toss, bean bag toss and mini golf obstacles.             

For more information about Bunkers & Bumps and custom designed miniature golf courses from AGS, as well as pre-made portable systems that can be used in a variety of situations, email, call (231) 922-8166 or visit