2016 Marks 100 Years of U.S. Mini Golf

Industry Plans to Celebrate

(IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015, Orlando, FL, US) – The US centennial celebration for miniaturegolf is estimated to occur in June 2016, according to information revealed in miniature golfhistorical documents, books (Miniature Golf by John Margoles and Nina Garfinkel, 1987Abbeyville Press), and the Library of Congress. Adventure Golf Services (AGS) will host apress conference on November 20th during the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2015 to announce how industry owners and operators can join the celebration. IAAPA Attractions Expo is owned and produced by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and is thepremier gathering for the worldwide attractions industry. 

“Adventure Golf Services is leading the launch of an industry-wide program to celebrate 100years of miniature golf, its place in pop culture, and its contribution to family entertainment,”comments Arne Lundmark, CEO and chief designer. 

“IAAPA is thrilled to join Adventure Golf Services, and its hundreds of US miniature golfmembers to celebrate this milestone,” said Kyle Allison, chairman of the IAAPA FEC Committeeand Owner, Andy Alligator’s Fun Park. 

“Is miniature golf a game or a sport? It is referred to both ways, but whatever it is called,miniature golf has been played and revered by millions over the past 100 years,” states Lundmark. “This coming June we will help celebrate the fun and enjoyment experienced by all players over the history of miniature golf. We are encouraging others in our business to participate with us or to help miniature golf courses and players celebrate this event,” says Lundmark. 

For its part, AGS has created a dedicated Facebook and Web page and is offering a “100 year miniature golf toolkit” to all owners, operators, and miniature golf players to help participate in the anniversary celebration. The toolkit contains sample press releases, a commemorative 100 year anniversary logo template, letterhead template, advertising templates, a list of promotional ideas, a compilation of miniature golf fun facts, and other information to be developed. 

The Facebook page will be a place where everyone can reminisce about their fun times at miniature golf courses, provide historical photos, and create a source to share happy memories. Owners and operators can share their experiences as business owners and ideas to help promote this celebration. Additional links will be announced in the future.