We’ll Design Fun, Creative Miniature Golf Courses or Game Courts for your Guests!

Whether you’re embarking on a new build, refurbishment or revitalization project at a shipyard, dry dock or at sea, it’s worth exploring our various products.

Outdoors or inside, from miniature golf courses, portable courses like our RollOut Mini Golf, putting greens and golf hitting bays, to many classic game courts like bocce ball and croquet to bean bag toss and Bimini Ring toss games, we can help bring more fun and recreational activities to your passengers!

Our ship design and deck installation methods have been an industry breakthrough featuring:

  • A proprietary anchor system that is safe and seaworthy
  • Patented interlocking panels and other components that allow for a lightweight, durable structure.
  • Excellent drainage features for a quick dry / no mess system
  • Long useful product life

We provide a seamless process from conceptual designs, design development, fabrication, shipping / logistics expertise and onsite installation anywhere in the world.

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Send us your Deck Plan in a .dwg (CAD) file to explore what’s possible.

With more than 35 years’ experience, we can custom design to any space, any theme and any budget.

Once we receive your Deck plan in a .dwg file, we can generate conceptual layouts and positioning plans for our different products to show you what is possible at different areas of the ship.

Ships with limited or constrained deck space can typically still allow for family fun activities. Regardless of the space, we will work with your design / operations teams to suggest placement locations while paying attention to guest flow of traffic, wheelchair accessibility (ADA) and any other considerations required.

During the design process, AGS may need to confirm the existing space through a site visit to the ship, especially with refurbishments / replacements. Or, prior to product installation, AGS may conduct a weld site visit to confirm anchor points with the client or shipyard.

Deck Plan

A Collaborative, Custom Design Process

Collaborating with you, we ensure your product of choice caters to your passenger demographics. For example, cruise ships, riverboats or expedition ships appealing to senior-age passengers may prefer a natural-looking putting course with faux rocks, faux clusters of plants or trees and some fun, putt-around obstacles.

Family-oriented cruise lines may prefer more of a playful themed mini golf course like pirates, sea life or sci-fi environments with retro arcade-style design incorporating pachinko, loop de loop, skeeball and other obstacles.

Courses can also be ADA compliant; typically 50% or 100% of the course will be wheelchair accessible.

Even our game courts and golf hitting bays can be customized through coloring or edging modifications to fit the theme demographics or the ship colors.

Let’s Get Started! Tell us what product you’re looking for or ask to see what’s possible. Send us your Deck Plan in a .dwg (CAD) file and we can begin the process!