Retail Centers & Other Facilities Testimonials

“I thought if we did pop-up mini golf, we could lease out an area for a month, two months tops, and then we could do mobile events like birthday parties and control our schedule… “It’s really a fun thing. I’m glad I did it.”

Caddy’s Course

“It was a good collaboration with Adventure Golf early on in the design process, and I believe the most enjoyable part was working with their construction crew. They were great. The course turned out really well.”

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

“Adventure Golf was phenomenal to work with. I say that because this was a highly-complex design, for one; and they brought to bear their skill set to make that a reality.”

Acts Continuing Care Retirement Community

“I think it was our director of athletics who had the idea for including a miniature golf course on the rooftop. We were trying to maximize our space…We didn’t give them very much space, and they came up with something very usable. We’re really happy with the course.”

University of Illinois