Amusement Parks & FECs Testimonials

“The pictures they (AGS) had online of the (AnywhereLinks, Jr.) course were good, but in my opinion, they did not do it justice. When you come and see our course it really pops. It’s really a nice-looking course. It’s a quality product. And people have really taken to it. We’ve had so many compliments. And financially it’s taken off, too!”

Romp’s Putter Port

“We had all these trees on the property we purchased to build the course on, and the Modular Advantage® system from Adventure Golf & Sports became a huge benefit to us… You have no initial expense of having to excavate or doing extensive prep work. And it doesn’t take nearly as much time for installation and completion.”

Cen-Tex Mini Golf

“It was a good collaboration with Adventure Golf early on in the design process, and I believe the most enjoyable part was working with their construction crew. They were great. The course turned out really well.”

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

“We have had nothing but positive and exciting comments about the course from all who have seen it in person and on social media.”

Cen-Tex Mini Golf