Bergo Marine Flooring Handles Extreme Weather Conditions

Bergo developed its two lines of marine flooring tiles – Bergo Excellence and Bergo Excellence Extreme – specifically to cope with extreme weather conditions involving heat, cold, wind, sun, water, and salt.

The cost-effective tiles are an excellent choice for outside decks of cruise ships, riverboats, ferries, utility boats, and other ships. Their key features include:

  • Excellent performance in extreme weather conditions and salt water
  • Ability to stay dry, with rapid drainage to the scuppers
  • Slip-resistance for guest safety
  • Comfortable to walk on in everything from bare feet to stiletto heels!
  • Protection for painted decks, minimizing the need for repainting
  • Easy removal and replacement for deck maintenance
  • Soundproofing advantages

Both of Bergo’s tile lines offer all-weather durability. Bergo Excellence Extreme conforms to MED and IMO resolutions, is PVC-free, and is made with recyclable materials.

Bergo also offers Sport Floor, which is ideal for all kinds of sports and activities that will attract people to play and exercise during their trip.

Adventure Golf & Sports is proud to sell and install Bergo marine flooring. AGS is the marine industry leader for design, fabrication, and installation of miniature golf courses, putting greens, sports courts, golf hitting bays, and other marine products.

Our team of experienced specialists has installed products for cruise lines in shipyards around the world. Call us today to learn more about Bergo marine flooring and schedule your installation!