360GOLF Transforming Mini Golf

Duck Gallery is a carnival themed AGS 360GOLF hole where players gain points by knocking down ducks.
This “Duck Gallery” is one of nine different 360GOLF hole themes merging mini golf skills with high tech gaming. With technology embedded in the golf ball and sensors around the course, all scoring and strokes for each ball are personalized to one guest.

(Traverse City, Michigan) — 360GOLF, a new concept for miniature golf courses considered ideal for FECs, Amusement Parks, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Ships and more, premiers at the November 2021 IAAPA Expo in a joint announcement from Holovis and Adventure Golf and Sports (AGS). The high-tech miniature golf holes feature automatic scoring, a bonus point system, gamification and other interactive sensory play features powered by a ball filled with cutting-edge technology. The proprietary product was developed by Holovis with support from Adventure Golf and Sports, who is named as the exclusive vendor for the product in North America (USA & Canada) with license to sell in other parts of the world in coordination with Holovis. Together, the two companies are developing and producing a mini golf game that combines the fun elements of traditional sports games, for example, and other creative concepts with technology to create exciting gameplay that transforms the game of miniature golf and encourages repeat play.

Adventure Golf and Sports will showcase a scaled down golf hole at IAAPA in the AGS booth #4867. “This sample golf hole joins a series of eight other unique themed high-tech golf holes to create a nine-hole course,” enthuses Scott Lundmark, AGS president.  “At the IAAPA show, guests will be able to play Duck Gallery, a carnival themed golf-hole, where they will initially putt on a ramp aimed upward toward rows of ducks on shelves to gain points before completing their putt on an obstacle strewn green. 

“360GOLF does not follow traditional mini golf scoring rules. This is a game of high point scoring, including up to 50,000 points for the least number of putts, and bonuses up to 5,000 points for shooting through a Super Shot Target and point values for ducks in the gallery from 250 to 750. In the long term, the proprietary software will permit multiple locations to sponsor tournaments and post scores of top teams and individuals…a leaderboard concept.”

The full nine-hole miniature golf experience features a range of different themes, including Duck Gallery, Pinball Pachinko, Space Galactic, Vegas Slot Machine, and more! 

According to Holovis engineers, each player is assigned a ball with a unique signal, so all scoring and strokes for each ball are personalized to one guest. Scoring options include knocking down ducks of various point counts, bonus points for shooting through a Super Shot Tube and least number of shots taken during a game. 

“A large high-definition display screen is embedded into the marquee to feedback player scores, fun animation, stroke count, and events as they happen in real time,” states Jos Van Der Steen, Development Director at Holovis. “The guest sensory experience includes reactive media, sound effects, and LED lighting to accent game play as it happens.

“The Game Board will convey the rules of the play, par, and highlight values for bonuses including the Super Shot and other game options. The Game Board will ask each player to put their ball on the tee to begin play, which triggers a timer to ensure play is timely and bonuses may even be given for low play times.

According to Holovis, the area needed for one full size golf hole is 120 to 150 square feet (12 – 15 square meters) and, with a 4-foot walking area around three sides, a nine-hole course requires 3,500 to 3,800 square feet (326 – 353 square meters). “We know one to three golf holes may be popular for small venues,” says Van Der Steen. “The scoring can be reconfigured to permit redemption tickets for a game room application.”

Holovis designs and installs world-class experiential solutions for global themed entertainment, visitor attractions and enterprise clients. Their business has two main areas of complimentary expertise – AV specialists who focus on system integration and complex AV design, installation and commissioning, while their award-winning creative design and software teams deliver market-defining attractions, experiential content, digital centerpieces and turnkey experiences.

Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS) is a global leader in the design and installation of fun, interactive, cost-effective entertainment attractions. Offering the widest line of miniature golf products and design services in the world for permanent and portable / modular courses, AGS AGS has long term experience installing custom applications inside /outside and on rooftops for a variety of venues, such as family entertainment centers, hotels and resorts, parks, campgrounds, retail centers, retirement communities, cruise ships, universities and waterparks.

For more information about 360 GOLF and custom designed miniature golf courses from AGS, as well as pre-made portable systems that can be used in a variety of situations, email info@agsgolfandsports.com, call (231) 922-8166 or visit www.AGSGolfandSports.com.